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Meet Kat.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Kat Dolan is a Performance Poet and the Founder and Executive Director of Out of Your Mind, a non-profit organization serving as a creative approach to mental health. Kat has been performing original poetry for nine years and has graced stages across North America, Ireland and New Zealand, using her poetry to help others allow themselves to feel and ultimately work towards suicide prevention.



Once Kat is let out of the bag, she doesn’t stop performing. Kat has spoken for TEDx, National and International Music Festivals, Conferences, Weddings, Film Festivals, countless Open Mics and has lead numerous creative writing and poetry workshops. Let Kat help you bring the magic of poetry into your life.


Musical Festival Performances & Workshops.


Creative Writing Workshops for Conferences.


Inspirational Speaking.


Film Festivals.

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Music & Poetry Collaborations.


Hear Kat.

Poetry Videos & Film Festivals

Nobody But Myself

Since its premiere in May 2018, ‘Nobody But Myself’ has been accepted into the Boone Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival and Fastnet Film Festival. Subscribe to the channel and see what people are talking about!

Inspirational Speeches

TEDx Speaker

Kat was asked to speak at TEDxAppalachian State University in April 2019. Her talk told the story of Out of Your Mind and her journey to advocating for mental health. Watch her talk today!

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Non Profit Organization

Out of Your Mind


Out of Your Mind was started in Boone, North Carolina in August 2017 and officially became a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization in May 2018. OYM is Kat’s biggest dream come to life whose mission is to combat social isolation through creative peer support & reframe mental illness as a mental opportunity.

Every day of my life, from the moment I decided not to take it, has been a second chance at adventure. Please do not give up on you—you are the only one who knows how to love you best.
— Kat Dolan