Seatless in Seattle

Man, oh man, what a weekend. Friday, I laid on top of the bus, arms straight out to the side, in seemingly imminent defeat, audibly lamenting, "Why God, WHY didn't I try harder to get my Hogwarts letter when I was 11." I needed pure wizardry to reach my weekend goal of removing all the seats and the floor. Then, my friends started coming by the Branch. Specifically, the ever magical Jake and Dan. Jake saw my bus, took his impact driver and dove in to this project. Literally. He was upside down between seats showing me where the head of the bolts were so that I could hold the top with the wrench and crank the bottom until each wall bolt came loose (2 per seat). All while he honed in on the floor bolts (4 per seat) with the impact driver, and later by using the same method as the wall bolts--Jake underneath the bus and me inside with the driver. I can't say that I have ever been dirtier in my life but, when you really want something, you go after it. (Like Jake to a bus). Dan, Sam and Macy came over in the afternoon, pulling out what seats Jake and I were able to wriggle loose. Finally, after beers, pizza and a little creative writing workshop, Dan came back to the Branch to grind off the last, rusted-thru floor bolts and finally, the screw heads on the metal runners, holding down the gross, gross floor mat. I could cry but I'm too excited. Randy came out just as we stacked the last seats in his truck bed, "Damn, I woulda put the GoPro on here and did a time lapse if I knew y'all were gunna haul ass like this today." Shoot, I'm still smiling. Ahhh!! 😊 Not sure how I managed to gravitate towards these life long friends. Y'all are the good kind. Special thanks to Haley, Nathan, Kevin, Macy, Dan, Emmy, Jake, Jonas, and as always, the best neighbor I've ever had, Randy. MY HEART IS FULL AND MY BUS IS EMPTY.