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"I discovered Kat through one of her music videos, and was immediately intrigued. The power in her voice, her presence, and her words captured my attention and I knew I had to bring her to my school. Kat is genuine and relatable to high school girls, so my students really enjoyed her performance.

After her performance, Kat joined us for lunch and shared in laughter and conversation with many students. One of the students said that Kat seemed like someone I would be friends with, and I took that as a compliment! Kat was so friendly, accommodating and easy to work with; a true joy! I'd bring her back any time and recommend her to any other high school looking for a creative human to engage in a conversation about mental health.”

-Tessa Trach, Associate Dean of Student Life at St. Timothy's School


"We had a few phone calls in preparation for today and I shared my thoughts on adding some ambient music behind one of her performances. She sent me a few and I chose The Moon Through Water because of the immediacy in which I connected to it. I was quickly taken to the place Kat was talking about and visualized the entire thing. It takes such skill and commitment to write with that kind of fluidity and truth. Such a pleasure to be a part of it."

- Elijah Bisbee, Musician


“Kat did a workshop about performing poetry for our feminist writing group. I was impressed by her preparation, honesty, and confidence. She did a great job of leading a group that can show a penchant for following tangents. Everyone had a lot of fun and I appreciated the opportunity to step outside of our usual perimeters.”

- Annie Wright, Founding Member of Appalachian State University Women’s Writing Pilgrimage