Bus Life

I want to peel up
the floors
the way I pull back
my hair
exposing bone
structure, skin

rust stuck like
edge cut like
200,000 miles
and completely bald tires
—---—---—---—---— Happy Weekend! Update: her majesty bleeds rust all along the bottom and each screw is camouflaged Braille that you have to read with your hands to find. The seats need power tools to remove efficiently, a conclusion apparent after Sam and I wedged free just 3 of 10 screws (per bus seat--NC, your buses are safe) in just under an hour, while we assessed the situation with Macy, Ali and Iris. This being said, starting Monday, all boonies and saloonies are invited down on the branch for brews and bus restoration! Come leave your mark! Bring a hammer, bring your dog, bring a tune or open arms--This home is being built by all the people I have been graced with these last two years in Boone. Can't wait to see what a whole village can contribute to what will soon be, The Ali Kat.