My name is Kat Dolan and I believe in a world without suicide.

This is what you can do to help me make this a reality.


For the past eight years I have been performing original poetry for audiences of all ages on stages across the US, Ireland and New Zealand. When I perform my work centered on my personal relationship with depression and anxiety, my ability to be honest about my experiences unlocks a visceral explosion of true emotion in the audience, helping them to begin to feel what they have been repressing. Poetry coupled with honesty and a passion to prevent suicide is helping others to realize what I learned once I decided not to take my life—mental illness is your mental opportunity.

This is a tangible way to help the ones we love who are hurting the most—and it's working. I'm seeking a world in which we will no longer be isolated and ostracized for working through our mental opportunities. Perspectives are changing. The way we talk about mental health can become exclusively positive and widely accepted. The idea may be starting small, but good news is contagious. I want to help teach others that the feelings we often fight are actually the keys to discovering how to keep ourselves alive.

Talking about mental health and suicidal ideation to the friends and family you love is not the easiest conversation to have. Most people don't know what to say, but I do.With your help, I can give talks, share my poetry, and continue to teach others how to talk about mental opportunity, learn how to heal themselves, and best of all, choose to live.

Subscribe to be my patron to support me as I continue to share my gift with as many teenagers, students, and adults as possible.

Suicide affects everyone. If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one lost to suicide, their name will be displayed on my In Memory, With Love page. These donations are the ones that keep my voice loud and my stance tall. My ideal world is one without suicide and I will not stop until this dream is reality.

+ travel expenses for speaking engagements at schools around the country at the middle school, high school and college level.
+ materials to help teach, including copies of my writing.
+ funding to continue to create poetry films to maximize reach.
+ financial support to ensure content creation including personal stories, poetry, audio and video collaborations with other artists.

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$10/ month is a simple way for you to help prevent suicide. You can help change the conversation surrounding mental opportunity. Please consider donating.